5 Inexpensive Items for a Better Move

Moving can be expensive. The stress most people feel during their move is often aggravated or caused by worry over money. That’s why we work so hard to give you tips to save money during the moving process here at Affordable Moving and Storage. In today’s blog post, we’re going to take a look at five items that are very inexpensive. But, their worth during your move will be worth their weight in gold.

1. Sharpies

Nothing writes on moving boxes as well as sharpies. And, nothing is worse than sharing a single sharpie when you and your 5 friends are on a roll with packing. Buy a lot of them. We promise you’ll thank us later.

2. Organizational Bins

There is always a lot of “stuff” that magically appears when you move. You know what I’m talking about – that screw you need to keep from the bottom of the kitchen table, the loose change you’ve accumulated in the past week, the extra key to the ski-rack on top of your car. Additionally, there are always things you find to donate. Buying organizational bins will give you the ability to toss these inconvenient items for easy packing later.

3. Bungee Cords

Believe it or not, you’ll find you need a bungee cord at least once during your move. Stock up on a couple so you’ll have them. They can be used to secure the shelves of furniture in the moving van, or used to wrap and secure bulky items like rugs or mattress pads.

4. Labels

Whether you are moving yourself or hiring a moving company, it’s important to label boxes and items as heavy or fragile. You may think you’ll remember, but then grandmother’s dishes will suffer when you’re caught up in the move. Additionally, marking boxes as heavy will help people know exactly what order boxes should be loaded into the truck.

5. Saran Wrap

This last item on our list is helpful in a variety of ways. For one, you can cover the tops of open bottles of shampoo, conditioner, or lotion to prevent spilling during your move. Additionally, it can be used to keep cabinets and drawers in place – simply wrap the entire drawer front in saran wrap and you’ll prevent it from moving, and keep it scratch-free.

A Helpful Tip:

Most of the items listed above can be found at you local Dollar Store, making them even more affordable assets for your move!

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