A Denver mover's packing tips to save your sanity.

Moving can wreak havoc on your sanity. We know, because we have helped thousands of families move in the Denver area. Through the years, we’ve become experts at making moves much more bearable. Today, we’ll pass on our tips for saving your sanity during your move. For a completely stress-free move, contact us to learn about the services we offer, including storage, packing, and long and short distance moves. We are here to help your move to be peaceful!

1. Pack Essentials in an Overnight Bag

You’ve packed up your entire house, loaded it all into trucks, and drove to the new city where you’ll live. You show up at your new home exhausted, ready to sleep. You have no idea where you packed your toothbrush, pajamas, or contact lens solution. Very likely, they are packed up in a box and loaded up in the truck. To avoid a frustrating situation like this, pack essentials in an overnight bag so you’re not caught wanting to go to sleep with no pajamas, toothbrush, or medications! Consider if you need to go to work the next day, and pack everything you’ll need for work (and don’t forget the phone charger!).

2. Be Creative with Packing Materials

It can be stressful to purchase endless packing supplies. But, bubble wrap, paper, and other packing material is necessary to keep your belongings safe. When you move, think of creative ways to pack breakables. For example, look to your linen closet when you pack up your kitchen. You can pack breakable items in towels, sheets, and mattress pads. Kitchenware that is breakable, such as glassware can be packed safely in the contents of your linen closes. And, use your sock drawer to pack up your stemware – socks make the perfect wrap for wine glasses (be sure you wash the socks, of course!).

3. Pre-Clean Your New Home

One of the best times to clean a house is before you’ve moved in. There is no furniture to vacuum around, and it’s much easier to clean when there aren’t any dishes in the cupboards. If possible, try to clean your new home before you move all your belongings in. Nothing is more rewarding than unpacking in a clean and sparkling home! You’ll find your stress levels are much lower after you take a hot shower in a clean bathroom on your first day in your new place!

4. Organize those Boxes

It’s good to have a plan when it comes to labeling and organizing boxes. When you pack up, put things you’ll need right away in your new house in plastic bins that can be quickly identified. Things like paper towels, trash bags, phone chargers, box cutters, etc, will come in handy when you unpack. Putting them in clear bins will make them easier to find and utilize. When you pack up in regular cardboard boxes, be sure to label them carefully regarding the contents on the side of the box (they’ll be stacked, so you won’t be able to see the top). Another great tip is to label which room it is going to, so you can quickly put boxes where they’ll eventually be unpacked. It’s a bit more advanced, but using a color-coded system really helps with organization and unpacking as well!

5. Plastic Wrap is Your Secret Weapon

Plastic wrap is one of the most useful moving tools out there. Worried your shampoo, conditioner, or lotion bottles will leak when you move? Simply put saran wrap under each lid, and you won’t have any leaks or spills. You can also use to to cover entire dresser drawers – simply cover each drawer opening with a layer of Press’n Seal, and each drawer is it’s own moving box. If you have a jewelry display or cork board, you can wrap it up in plastic wrap for you move as well. On a larger scale, a roll of stretch wrap can be great for wrapping around boxes or rugs!

6. Miscellaneous Tips

It can be tough to put all your electronics back together after the move. To keep track of how it’s all connected, take a picture so that putting it all back together will be a snap! When you take furniture apart, put the screws and other fastenings into labeled sandwich bags, and then put all these bags in one big bag to keep track of them all. \

7. Donate, Donate, Donate!

Our biggest tip for folks planning a move is to donate as much as possible before packing up. Go through all your belongings and take a long, hard look at what you’re actually going to want in your new home. Odds are, you’ll want to have less stuff, and most things are just taking up space anyway. Anything you decide to keep will need to be moved. Cutting down on your belongings will decrease how much you’ll have to move!

8. Hire Professionals for a Stress-Free Move

If moving sounds stressful, consider hiring professional movers. Moving is our business, so we are experts at packing, storage, and moving (learn more about us here). Stressed about packing up your stuff? We provide a packing service – our employees will carefully pack your belongings as if they were their own. We provide moving and storage services as well. Many of our clients have said their move wasn’t stressful at all. Contact us today to get a quote and learn more about our services!