don't forget to change your address when relocating

There are so many things to do during the moving process in Littleton, Aurora, and Highlands Ranch. From choosing the right Denver moving company or prepping for the move itself, it’s helpful to create a checklist (see our helpful packing checklist here) to make the process smoother. That’s why we’ve provided this easy change of address instructions so you can quickly and effortlessly take the steps you need to change your address with the United States Postal Service and private companies.

Update Your Mailing Address with the USPS


Call 1-800-ASK-USPS to change your address over the phone.*


Visit your local post office and ask for Form 3575. Fill it out, and you’re set!

*It is important to note that the USPS charges a $1 fee for verification of your identity when you change you address online or over the phone. You’ll need a credit or debit card in order to pay this verification fee.

Update Your Address for Billing

You’ll need to update your mailing address with the various companies with which you do business. Your credit card company likely won’t let your lack of payment slide simply because you “didn’t get the bill in the mail” at your new address. It’s important to make sure you are getting your billing statements so that you can keep up to date with your bills.

  1. Make a List: Create a list of all the bills you receive in the mail.
  2. Start Updating: Contact each individual company to update them with your new mailing address. Often, companies offer an online option for updating your address to save you time.

Can’t think of the kinds of places where you’ll need to update your mailing address? Here’s a list of a few common ones in Parker, Arvada, and Denver:


It’s important to update your mailing address with your bank after your move to ensure that you receive your statements and other documents. Often, banks offer an online service which will allow you to easily update your address. If this isn’t an option, a visit to your bank’s physical location might be necessary.


Usually, you can update your address online. Visit the magazine’s website and look for a login area. Usually, you type in your customer number which can be found on the magazine itself, and you can change you address easily. Calling the company directly to update your mailing address is also a good option.


Be sure to update your friends and family about your move! Send an email or note letting your friends and family know you’re no longer at the old address. Do this by making a list of all the people you want to notify, then send out an announcement or an email so they’ll have you new address.

Credit Card Companies:

Contact your credit card companies and update your address. Often, you are able to accomplish this online, but you may need to contact them directly. Make a list of all your credit cards so you don’t leave one out inadvertently.

Online Addresses:

Avoid a future headache by accessing sites you frequently use for shopping, and update the billing and shipping address. This is especially important if you use one-click checkout. You don’t want to order an item only to have it arrive at your old address.

Driver’s License:

Don’t forget to change your mailing address with your driver’s license. At the very least, write your old address on the back of your ID, and then change it at the Department of Motor Vehicles or online. You may get fined if you don’t update your ID.

Change of Address Checklist:

  • Update Address with USPS

  • Update Billing Address

  • Update Friends and Family

  • Update Address on Online Shopping Sites

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