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How to find the most affordable, trustworthy, and efficient denver moving companies:
  • Companies Age: Check that the company has been in business for at least a couple of years, hopefully even more.

    This is a sign that they do quality work, and that they’re not one of the many movers who get into the field to make as much money as they can before the customer complaints pile up so high that they no longer get any business (this happens more than you’d think!)

  • Check that the Denver moving companies have a high Better Business Bureau rating.

    This ensures that the company is legitimate and has no formal complaints against them, which happens to denver moving companies who have stolen or damaged customer property.

Affordable Moving & Storage has been a one of the top denver moving companies in operation since 1985, and we have an A+ BBB rating, never a single complaint. We are family owned, Denver based, and pride ourselves on providing the best services for a fair price.

Of all the Denver moving companies to choose from, we provide the best value service. Get a quote now by submitting the form to the right, or just give us a call and you’ll have your quote in the next 5 minutes! 303-693-7077

Moving Tips:

  • Schedule your mover ahead of time in order to guarantee your move date in Denver! Some months are busier than others for moving companies Denver, so you’ll want to make sure you confirm your spot.

  • Pack your linen closet and breakables at the same time! Use your linens and towels to wrap up breakable dishware and glass, and this way you can protect your delicate items without having to apply bubble wrap.

  • Pack all your essentials (like a toothbrush and toilet paper) in a separate bag for easy access when you arrive at your new home!

  • Leave out some cleaning essentials as well, both to clean up your old place after everything is moved out, and to use at your new place to quickly clean the hard to reach places before the massive unpacking begins.

  • Label your box with what room they’re going to. If we have labels and instructions, we can even carry your boxes/furniture to a specific room in your home. Its easy to label boxes, and it doesn’t require a label maker! Just have a permanent marker handy while packing. Don’t tell yourself you’ll label a box later – its almost guaranteed you’ll forget what was inside!

  • Use stretch wrap to quickly protect furniture from scratches or bumps

  • Use boxes with handles on the sides for heavy items like books. This is not essential if you hire a professional mover to do all the heavy lifting for you!

  • Finish packing before the moving truck arrives! The movers will be surprisingly quick, so you’ll want to have everything ready to go ahead of time.

  • For wall hanging or furniture that needs to be disassembled, use zip lock sand which bags to hold all the screws, nails, bolts, etc.

  • Don’t forget to change your Denver address with the post office and bank!