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The Affordable Moving & Storage, Inc. Long Distance Moving Advantage:

Your Precious Items
Are In Good Hands

Whether it’s a personal treasure, a family heirloom or a one-of-a-kind piece of history, our experienced movers know exactly how to handle and transport them safely, so that they arrive at their new location undamaged and unharmed, so you can set up your new home!

Nationwide. Worldwide.

Whether your move is within Colorado, the Rocky Mountain west or anywhere in the US – we can handle it. Even if you’re moving internationally, Affordable Denver Movers can handle your move. We have the experience and expertise you need for a successful move.

Personal With Us

Your move is a very personal and emotional process for you and your family and we take our role in it very seriously. We take personal responsibility for helping you and your goods get there on time, on budget and intact.

Need more reasons?

You talk, we listen.

Since all families are different, we listen to what your move entails and prepare a thorough needs analysis. Once that’s been done, we plan a move that fits your specific needs.

We are recognized for customer service.

We have have helped countless customers move across the country successfully, and are dedicated to providing only the best customer service as you relocate your family.

We're the perfect size.

We’re a streamlined, quick to respond company, able to maintain an extremely high level of accountability. We’re large enough to get the job done, yet small enough to care about doing it well.

We've been doing it for a long time.

Affordable Moving and Storage, Inc. has over 75 years of combined moving/storage management experience. Our team knows what it takes to make your move safe, efficient and no-hassle.
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Are you moving locally from one part of Denver to another? How about from one part of Colorado to another? We can manage this sort of move easily, and we do it every single day.

Start by calling to get a quote, and let us know you current square footage, current and future address, and date of move. We’ll give you an accurate quote so you can compare us to other Denver moving companies.