Packing hacks and tricks

Packing can seem daunting. And, it only feels much more daunting after you consider how much stuff you have. We understand. We have a lot of stuff, too. But, we’re not as stressed about the packing and move process, because as movers in Lakewood, we have years of experience, and great tips, hacks, and tricks we use to make the process much easier. If you’re stressed about your move, call Affordable Moving and Storage to get answers and insight. We offer many services, including packing (so you don’t have to!), moving, and storage. If you want to do the packing yourself – don’t worry: We have a few tricks that we’ll share with you. This great video from DaveHax offers some great tips. Watch the video, and read our overview below:

Our Favorite Tip: Stamped Addressed Envelopes

The last tip in DaveHax’s video is our favorite, so we’re putting it at the top: Leave a pile of stamped envelopes addressed to your new address. That way, if any mail arrives at your old address, it will make it much easier for the new owners to send it your way!

Moving  Box Handle Tip

If you are moving boxes that are awkward sizes, consider cutting handy little handles into the tops of each box. Simply cut holes with a box cutter, and you’ll be able to handle the box much more easily!


  Furniture Handle Tip

Do you have furniture with handles that stick out? No worries! Simple unscrew the handles, flip them around, and attach them to the inside of your furniture. Then, use tape to create a new handle.  As an added bonus, DaveHax suggests that you pack your dressers and other furniture with books and things you need to move. Brilliant!

Packing hacks and tricks

  Cling Wrap Tip

Once you have your furniture all prepared for the move, wrap them in cling wrap, which will not only keep the drawers in, but also protect the wood during the move!


  Electrical Wire Tip

You finally got your TV and entertainment system all set up, but now you have to unplug it all for your move. Don’t worry – Dave has an excellent tip: Take a picture of the wiring, so you know how to set it up in the future! He also suggests you take a picture of the energy readings in your home while you have your camera out.


  Miscellaneous Tips

In the video, Dave offers miscellaneous tips. For example, he suggests you use small sandwich bags to keep track of the screws when you take apart furniture (be sure to label them or tape them to the furniture itself). He also suggests attaching colored labels to your boxes, so you know which room they should go in (it makes unpacking MUCH easier). Packing material can be expensive, so using linens to pad items is a great way to go. Another tip applies to packing your plates: put a paper plate between each one to keep it from breaking.


  Packing Clothes Tip

Do you have a lot of clothes hanging in your closet? Consider decluttering and donating clothing you no longer use. For the clothes you have left, keep them on the hanger: Simply wrap a trash bag around them (with the hangers out at the top) to keep them clean and dry during the move.

Get More than Packing Hacks: Call Affordable Moving and Storage

If you feel inspired by this packing video, give us a call to learn more about our moving and storage services. If you’re still a bit stressed, give us a call about our packing service as well. Our employees are highly trained and provide excellent customer service. We work hard to keep your belonging safe and undamaged during the move. Give us a call for a free quote today!