Things to Do Before Moving Out

When we move, most of the focus is on the new home: After all, the excitement of unpacking, deciding where everything goes, and enjoying your new space is the best part. But, there are things you need to do before moving out of your old home or apartment. It’s important to move your focus for just a moment to get these things accomplished, so that your move goes without a catch!

Clean Thoroughly for the New Owners or Tenants

You appreciate it when the previous owners cleaned your new home. There’s something very gross about moving into a home with someone else’s dirt in it. You may be a very clean person, but spending a few hours to deep clean your home will be very much appreciated. Cleaning is best done after you’ve completely moved out, when there’s nothing to clean around. One spot to focus on? The bathrooms and the kitchen. Clean those cabinets and drawers thoroughly!

Take Care of Your Mail

Before you move, you need to go through and change the address of all your bills, so that you don’t miss any important documents in the mail. Don’t worry if you forget one – you should also take the time to forward your mail at your local USPS office, so you won’t miss anything important.

Renters: Return Keys and Get Safety Deposit Back

If you were renting your old place, be sure to return your keys. Many people forget this small detail, because we all have our routines with keeping track of our keys. Additionally, don’t forget to speak with your landlord about getting your safety deposit back! You may have moved in so long ago, you forgot about it.

Say Goodbye to Your Old Place

It can be difficult to leave an old apartment or home. Even though you’re excited to be in a new place, it can still be tough to leave a place with so many memories. There are a few ways you can say goodbye so that you can move on: Take pictures so you don’t feel like you’ll forget all the great memories, have a party in your old place with friends, and spend a few minutes saying goodbye before you leave.

Call Affordable Moving and Storage for the Simplest Move

Moving is serious business – there are many things to consider as you take this next step in your life. If you would like to learn more about our professional moving services, give a moving expert at Affordable Moving and Storage a call: We have years of experience, and work to make your move simple and affordable.